Dear prospective Academic Writers employees

Writers who are Native Speakers of English(these writers have exclusive access to orders which need to be written by a Native Speaker of English). We will experience a shortage of such writers in the upcoming hot season. Below you may find the statistics of an average writers’ salary during the previous hot season (October-December 2019):

Writer idEarnedOrders completed
Writer id 34**7$406249 orders completed (286 pages)
Writer id 15**6$419780 orders completed (327 pages)
Writer id 35**2$226953 orders completed (225 pages)
Writer id 35**6$500542 orders completed (514 pages)

So you can spend 3.7 hours a day for a part-time job at to increase your monthly income by $750 or spend 4.7 hours daily to increase your monthly income by $1350. English Native Speakers may register using the registration link through our website.

Writers of both ESL and ENL categories who have valid skills to complete assignments in the disciplines and academic levels:

3889 all levels
531 Master’s, 75 Ph.D.
Art & Architecture
College 3-4, Masters
2089 all levels
103 Master’s
Classics English literature
College 3-4, Masters, Ph.D
5561 all levels,
105 Master’s, 29 Ph.D.
Masters, Ph.D
3710 all levels
241 Master’s, 25 Ph.D
Criminal law
College 3-4
1129 all levels
1081 all levels
Film & Theater studies
all levels
1014 all levels
12 PH.D
College 3-4, Ph.D
2045 all levels
441 Master’s, 36 Ph.D
Master’s, PH.D
4362 all levels
411 Master’s
Political science
3304 all levels
169 Master’s, 27 Ph.D
Masters, Ph.D
1294 all levels
25 Master’s
World literature
College 3-4, Master’s

To apply for the position of writer, the applicants:

  • Need to have appropriate educational background. Having a diploma in one of the described above disciplines will increase writer’s chances to get an order in that particular discipline.
  • – Need to follow this link and pass all the steps of registration process

The writers, whose general writing level is high enough, will be able to apply for orders in the other disciplines too, but the writers who have successfully completed test assignments of an appropriate level and discipline will be given privilege when selecting among bidders.

So, if you want to be a successful full-time writer with, you are required to have not only an appropriate educational background, but also at least one successfully completed test assignment in each discipline you want to take orders in.

What we expect from our FREELANCE WRITERS

To become a freelance writer, you must possess the following skills and qualifications:

  • A Ph.D., or at least a Master’s degreeAll freelance writer applicants must have successfully completed their academic programs. A diploma copy can be requested upon application.
  • Advanced writing and formatting skillsAccurate knowledge of major citation styles, such as MLA, APA, Harvard, Chicago/Turabian. Our writers are required to adhere strictly and constantly to current academic style requirements, and must be able to work with students who need different types of formatting.
  • Ability to meet deadlinesOur freelance writers must be able to work independently with limited supervision. Good time management is mandatory for any freelancer.
  • Exceptional research and reading skillsOur freelance writers must have the capacity to accumulate, discover, and digest many different types of reports, papers, and other research material effectively, based on specialty or subject matter preferences. Access to academic libraries such as EBSCO, ProQuest, JSTOR and others is an advantage.
  • CommunicationWhile we do not require writers to be available 24 hours a day for our online writing jobs, we do require that they remain in a position to respond to their customers promptly. You will be required to stay in touch with the support team as long as you have any orders in progress.
  • ResponsibilityOur freelance writers must demonstrate responsibility, including quality communications with management, support team members, and clients. This includes completing all work accepted within expected deadlines, as agreed to at the time of acceptance; remaining in contact if a problem arises, and being available when promised; and also accepting to take active responsibility for individual actions and work.
  • HonestyFinally, all writers are expected to deliver entirely original and unique work on each occasion. They are strictly prohibited to submit any plagiarized materials. All writers should only submit works of original content, and strictly observe correct formatting and referencing.
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